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Hot water after water shut off

Nov 04, 2020 · The hot water always leaks from it. We know eventually we'll have to replace the faucet and all. Anyway, after he shut off the water from the valve in the basement. Water is still running from the pipes in the bathtub. He said that means something is wrong with the main valve. Which will be an issue when we do our big bathroom remodeling in ....

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Here are the steps to fix a leaky cartridge faucet: Remove the cap on top of the faucet handle (it covers the bolt). Loosen or remove any clips holding the cartridge, and remove the cartridge itself. Take your new O-rings and prepare them by applying plumber’s grease. Remove old O-rings and replace them with new ones. The water company shut the water off today to do repairs in my subdivision without notifying anybody. Last year this happened and fried my heating elements. This time just today 5/4 they did it again. I turned off the hot water water.

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Feb 10, 2013 · 01-03-2013, 05:20 PM. Re: Hot water heater if water is shut off? you can leave it on. if the water is off there is no pressure in the system to push it out. you will probably have some air in the system but if your water co is any good it will be minimal. the only way you can empty your heater (assumed to be a tank style) is to drain it from ....

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(The water will be off for 4 days as its the weekend). The water pump on top of the water tank started making noise and was very hot to touch after 1 day without water. The service man came and shut off the tank and pump, there was no water in the tank. Is it a leak or does water drain back from the tank when the main is off?.

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Water may be discolored during the flushing period, but if the discoloration continues after 30 minutes, contact your water supplier for more information. • After the 30 minute flushing period, turn off the faucet(s) in the lowest level of your home and continue to turn off your faucets in the same order you turned them on.

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